The people we support have mental health issues and may have autism, complex needs and may also have other physical and cognitive needs, including dual diagnosis, sensory-perceptual issues, behaviours which others might find challenging, early on-set dementia and visual and hearing impairment. We meet their specific needs with absolute dedication and commitment to working long-term with them, their families to create the ideal solutions and settings for them.

We also work closely with other health professionals, GPs and therapists to ensure that every person we support maintains physical health, mental health and wellbeing.

Our supported living services are ideally suited to people who have developed more independent living skills and this may include people who are ready to move on from a residential service. Supported living services suit people who need extra help with daily living tasks and to participate fully in their local community, but who don’t need full residential support.

At Just in Time Agency we are passionate about supporting people with mental health and complex needs to enjoy the best possible quality of life. We want to offer the people we support as wide a choice of opportunities as possible to develop their skills and live the life in the way they choose.

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